Here are 3 things men will always find attractive in women

Here are 3 things men will always find attractive in women

Look, we could sit here and pretend that guys don’t go after girls who are terrible, obnoxious, and completely wrong for them just because they think they’re hot, but there are 3 things men will always find attractive in women.

1. Wide hips 

During puberty, women’s hipbones widen to facilitate childbirth. Hips don’t lie—wide hips in a woman are a strong indicator to men that she’s a mature adult who’s very much capable of reproduction – She can push out little critters with ease –  Since we men are all about putting our seed in fertile ground, it’s not uncommon to see us fawning over Iggy Azalea and her ilk’s “parted like the Red Sea” hips. One way or the other, wide hips are one of the thing that attract men.

2. Slim waists

This one goes hand-in-hand with the wide hips. Estrogen, the female hormone, dictates fat storage in women. High estrogen levels in the female body often mean that fat will congregate around the breasts, the hips, and buttocks—NOT the stomach. So when men see a woman with a bit of a gut—she’s telling us “My estrogen levels are not very high”—men love high estrogen, so she’s not going to be a big hit with the lads.

It’s simple—if you have a big belly, we’re not going to find you as attractive as we would if you had a slim waist… Testosterone, the male hormone, dictates fat storage on the stomach. That’s why you don’t see many women with beer guts.

3. Big, full, and red lips

Big, full, and red lips are a strong sign of good genetic quality. Full lips are often a sign that your jaws have grown correctly without misalignment—a very good indicator of genetic health. It’s no coincidence that people who have a perfect teeth and a perfect bite often also have full lips.

But what of the redness? Lipstick doesn’t exist in nature, so why would men find red lipstick attractive?

When women apply red lipstick, they’re unknowingly mimicking a big sign of arousal in primates. Upon arousal in female primates blood rushes to their lips, creating a red sheen. Naturally, male apes are going to want to get with someone who’s putting her willingness on display. This is no less true in Homo sapiens.

Red lips are universally attractive because they signal arousal and willingness to engage in romantic acts. So ladies, perhaps you should be a bit more careful with what you smear on your lips if you don’t want to look like you’re actively looking to get into action.

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