Top 4 Secrets you shouldn’t hide from your partner

Top 4 Secrets you shouldn't hide from your partner

Top 4 Secrets you shouldn't hide from your partner

Sometimes there are some secrets that should be kept from your partner, cos they’re not going to hurt him and could help to keep the peace.

However, there are certain things people say or that you do that you really need to own up to and share with your love. This helps to deal with the situation and move on from it. Working as a team is much better.

1. When there’s a financial problem

You’ve maxed out all your credit cards on your spending. This is an issue for the household as a whole, so you need to fess up. Explain to your partner in a gentle way and be upfront about what has caused it.

This will not only stop him from overspending – or not being able to buy a necessity – it will also help you deal with it and your possible spending problem.

2. Resentment from the last argument

There’s something he said previously and it’s been eating you up inside. The feeling is turning into resentment but you’re trying to put on a smile every time you see him. You can’t let these feelings go unspoken. Talk to your partner about it and tell him why it upset you.

Try to keep calm. He doesn’t know what you’ve been feeling so you can’t blame him for being surprised.

3. He’s not satisfying you

You could be having trouble in the bedroom, or you may be struggling in your relationship altogether. It’s really important to be upfront about this. You may think that bottling up works and the feelings of being unsatisfied will go away, but that hardly ever happens.

If he doesn’t know, nothing will change. You need to tell him so you can both discuss your feelings and thoughts on the relationship. You never know; he may feel the same.

4. You have skeletons in your closet about to come out

Everyone has a past. You may have people from your past who you’ve never spoken to your husband about, but they’re coming back into your life. It’s best to let him know about them and whether there are dangers or anything that may happen. If he knows, he’ll be able to help you through it and be prepared should those skeletons come knocking at your door.


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