LADIES: Watch out, these are what men will tell you to deceive you and sleep with you

LADIES: Watch out, these are what men will tell you to deceive you and sleep with you

Many men believe ladies are easy to be deceived, they study ladies a lot and find out what actually move them, what they desired and what they want in a man, they have decided to fulfill it for them to be able to keep sleeping with them, ladies need to be careful.

Buy her gifts:

Gifting is a good way to get into the heart of a babe. Unlike their counterparts in other continents who are moved by flowers, cards and other “romantic” things, these girls, they like things they can actually put to use, gifts that will solve their needs and not serve as decorations. And lest I forget, the bigger, the better.

Giving her money:

Many time women made a lot of mistakes because of wanting good life, yes almost all women like catching fun,many men have realize giving a lady money, keep giving her money,always continue giving her and always solving her financial will make a women fall for them like she has no legs.

Warm up to her family members and close friends:

Life in in general is communal. Families and friends share intimate details and support each other. If she likes you, it’d make her happier if you got along with her family members and close friends. If you are good guy, these people can actually put in good words for you, influencing her decision to date you positively.

I will marry you:

This one is the real one, a sure deal one. Men had discovered if you promise marriage to a lady, she will start being serious in the relationship, even throwing herself on him, they will open their mouth and tell you what you want to hear [ I will marry you baby or I want to marry in future] This is the best ways men normally deceive women.

Introducing you to their pastor and family members: 

Introducing a girl to family members means a lot to her but to men it doesn’t mean anything. Ladies don’t be carried away because someone introduce you to their family members or pastor, it doesn’t guarantee he will marry you.

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