Know the resons why first love is never the best love

Know the resons why first love is never the best love

First love is the first experience of intimacy. Hugs, kisses and cuddles. In a first love relationship form the basis of the sweetest lifelong memories.

Before I started dating I used to think that my first relationship will be my only relationship till death does us apart. But when I got into my first relationship, I saw and found many different things that I didn’t expect.

I faced many challenges, insecurities, issues, pain and many other things that made me realize that I was just fantasizing. That relationship didn’t last like the way I had expected. It ended so fast. Since then, days has gone by and I have been getting in a number of relationships with women of different characters, tribes, complexions, religions, education, age and backgrounds.

I have faced almost every aspect of a relationship and I have learnt many things and lessons.

One of the important lessons I have learnt from all the relationships I have been in, is not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Some relationships come just to mold us, to teach us, to test us and to show us
how some people are. So, if you are looking for someone to be with in a relationship, please choose wisely.

Don’t be taken by the looks, the body shapes, money and those earthly things. Mind so much about the beauty in someone’s heart. And please don’t rush anything. Take your time.

But needless to say, sometimes it so hard to forget first love. despite not being the best love,  first love is always special because it is the most innocent and pure form of love. No matter how hard you try, you will never stop missing your first love, you know it is when you experienced the following:

  • Experiencing intimacy for the first time: Holding hands, hugs, cuddles and kisses
  • First love is special because it is the most innocent love
  • First love is powerful because it exposes your insecurities
  • Thinking that first love is forever: You attach all your hopes and dreams to it

And they say that your second love is your real first love.

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