Guys, here are the reasons why you should date an older woman

Guys, here are the reasons why you should date an older woman

Life is a big experiment—a learning experience. And when you date an older woman, you accelerate your learning. You learn about yourself, and you can improve gradually your abilities, mentally, and emotionally.

1. You can learn from her experiences:
She’s taking on the world. Older women also have more life experience. She’s been through the roller coaster of the ups and downs that you’re going through now. She’s had to decide whether to chase her dreams. She’s sculpted her career path and everything is coming together.

2. You’ll get better in bed:
Older women know what they like and what they want to be romantically satisfied — and they’re not afraid to tell you. Where a younger woman might let something slide, like say, that you sometimes get in your head and out of the moment during love making, an older woman will speak up. Maybe not during the action in bed (although sometimes yes), but definitely afterwards.

3. She’s not as needy, she’s independent:
For the most part, older women won’t be waiting by their phone, hoping you finally text them back. They have their own lives and passions, they had their experiences with men in the past, and they knows that men won’t make or break their life.

As a result, an older woman is much less dramatic, and overall, a lot easier to date and live with.

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